Live Art

Mark Madden w/ Madd Tiki Tattoos

 Henna, Airbrush Mural, Body & Face Painting

Tattoo artist, local business owner, and author, Mark Madden is returning to nights of fire again this year. last year he wowed the crowd by doing a 3 day spun out alice in maddland tryptich  mural and showcasing a fresh set of adorned buffalo skulls while setting up a light installation…this year he plans on leaving the crowds head spinning with another live art mural all weekend he will also be doing body art and henna when not juggling maddness,he is the curator to the witches ball at hotel lafayette ,founder of the madd tiki winter luau and owner of three tattoos studios in buffalo ny and the guerrilla art gallery, check out  on top of all that he is known to be the touring manager and handler of international superstar "dj slobbanozzle  ",,he’s also a pretty swell guy stop by and say hi to him and the madd crew at there event tent





Propane Dance Floor/ Laser harp

Knagi, the man responsible for the propane dance floor, has had his rig featured at Burning Man several years in a row with his propane dance floor and now comes to have fun with us. This is his 4th Nights of Fire and has become a staple for our event. 20' Circle of 8 propane effects, Interactive flame effect, set to music, preset patterns and manual controls. Confidant fire spinners of all skill paths welcome.



Kevin Gray

Sculpture Burn

Canadian-born artist. Residing in Rochester New York, he is very passionate artist with amazing visions and Creations. He is a multimedia artist driven to create with everything. He has been Bringing his wonderful sculpture to Burn at Nights of fire for the last few years. We couldn't imagine him not at our event



Groovin Lumens Lighting

Main Stage Lighting

Groovin Lumens Lighting was formed in the early 90s in upstate NY making us one of the original projection lighting companies in the Northeast. Over the years we have expanded to music festivals which have become our specialty. We travel throughout the northeast providing visual lighting for numerous festivals including Sterling Stage, Mountain sky, The Dam Show, and many more. We are very honored to have been asked to join the Nights of Fire festival this year and look forward to enhancing everybody's experience




Forest Badpanda Fyer

He kills darkness and ignorance! 
Deep roots in Mu Shan and Taekwondo martial arts combined with an addiction to adrenaline. expression in the fire arts was inevitable. Using skills honed as a street performer, the since birth desire to entertain has evolved into an all sense enhancing display of revelry adjustable for most any occasion. A member of three Guinness World Record setting teams with over a decade of expression in fire arts and the entertainment industry Nights Of Fire allows him a chance to meet, share ideas, and learn from other artists while entertaining. Please FEEL FREE to approach him at anytime with questions curiosities or if you just want to see an interesting stunt performed.



Fleuron Rouge

Belly Dancing Workshops and Performance

Fleuron Rouge is a Performing Belly Dance Company, located in the Western, NY/Buffalo, NY region with co-directors: Jill Nykkei, Samantha Shey & Nahara Mar. Jill, Samantha & Nahara started dancing together in 2006,formed Fleuron Rouge in 2007, and have been Performing Belly Dance and Choreographing Belly Dance together ever since. Fleuron Rouge mixes moves from Traditional Belly Dance, Modern Belly Dance, Tribal-Fusion, and Hip-hop to Bhangra/Bollywood to create their choreographic. At this time, Fleuron Rouge is best known for their Bhangra/Bollywood Style Dances as well as their Traditional to Modern Belly Dances.



Toad Meadow

Töad Meädow is an arts collective near Buffalo, New York that is dedicated to supporting exotic artistic expression. We want to empower creative impulses and we offer a wide array of shop tools as well as hands-on skill training.

Roots of the Earth

Live Glass Blowing

They have created to form a community of artists with a place to not only create their work but also to be able to interact with those who appreciate it. To create an environment where art is appreciated and we can inspire our local communities to create, and share their experience with others to help enrich our overall quality of lifestyle. Eventually to include sustainable farming practices as well as off the grid living techniques, much needed to remember in this time for many have forgotten just how simple an rewarding a simple life can be.



Jeremiah originally hails from Syracuse, but has been a developing artist and resident of Buffalo's West Side for 10 years. His style is immediately recognized as psychaedelic, but the true intention and implementation of much of his work centers on how faith correlates with perception, and the hidden presence of divine order.

Art of Riley Smiley

I am one of ...the craziest, most vibrant and connected individuals you will ever meet. I am very in touch with my roots and I see things how they are. My artwork is my passion as well as hooping and drumming. I am the type of person that will go out on a sunny day in the middle of the woods and take a seat on a stump and draw my heart out for hours. I would describe my work as psychedelic and very strange. It only appeals to a select few groups of people because not everyone quite understands my work. I am heavy on line work and I aspire to be a tattoo artist later down the road. I don’t color much, but when I do, I make sure to use every color in the bucket to make sure a specific piece is eye catching and feeds the mind properly. I am so excited to share what I have to offer to you all on a daily! I wanna become something incredible.



Cody Hughes

Live Painting

Just a man following his dream in Art and Love




My name is Joe Szczygielski (Joe Ski) and I’m a graphic designer and freelance artist from Akron, NY. I work with a wide range of mediums but primarily enjoy working with spray paint, ink, and acrylics. Most of my work is surrealistic in nature, playing on the allusions to dreaming and cosmic landscapes. Working as a Pre-Press Technician for the last 4 years has also expanded my knowledge in printing and graphic design, which has helped transfer my artwork to t-shirts and other apparel. In the summer you can find me at several local festivals showcasing my art or painting outside any chance I get!




Los the Barber

Illustration has been my gig from as far back as when I was doodling in the family salon while my Mother was busy cutting hair. Helping my grandfather out with his carpentry work made me shape my style you see today; carefully calculated and precise geometric work being at the center of it. I work in black and white/monochromatic schemes as a self-limiter of sorts...I feel more satisfaction making a design based on lines and values more then color and texture, which for me results in a more clean, modern look. I exhibit strong art deco and native American design traits in alot of my work currently, carving out a niche for a style all my own. The same can be said for my barbering techniques, I have applied the same principles of nearly obsessive detail in my work, its gives me just as much satisfaction stippling a larger pieces as I do fine tuning your undercut design with razor work. My family is one of artisan lineage, and I am happy to introduce you to my tradition.

Theodore Nowakowski

Tattoo artist & Body piercer at Ink & Style Tattoo and Salon. He loves to express his art in new and creative ways



Garrett Dykstra

Deep love for art



Pete Eddington

Bringing art to life since birth



Perceptive Audio


Daves love to bring the bass to any party he shows up too



Light Logic Productions

EDM Lights

Buffalo's premier event lighting company. We also hold events bringing the whole package with great lighting.


Dan Coco

EDM Lighting

Hailing from Rochester, NY, DanCoco has been the lighting force behind many events across western New York. Starting off in 2012 as the weekly lighting tech for RIPROC at Dubland Underground, he built up his equipment and skills making every new show better than the last. DanCoco has since provided lighting production for many promotion companies and venues across New York state. Most recently, his lighting production enhanced the experience for several national acts visiting Rochester such as Wick-It The Instigator, Apashe, Virtual Riot, JVST SAY YES, Yheti, and Space Jesus. He can't wait to blow you away this year at the EDM Stage at Nights of Fire 2017!!!