Do "YOU" want to build a magical creation & come to Nights of Fire for FREE? We are looking for solo people and or small teams who want to come set up some form of visual and or interactive art installation. You can set up lights, sculptures, build a maze, decorate the 1 or all of the pavilions, decor one of the stages. Please email us a detailed description of what you wish to do. Include diagrams and or pictures if it's something you have already done before. Let us know about how long it will take to set up or build on site.  Include how many people you need for your team and why.  The Nights of Fire team will hand choose a handful of the entries and let you know if your's has been accepted. If you are selected you and your team will be granted FREE 3 day tickets n FREE Thursday pre-party passes. In some cases you and your team will also receive 1 FREE meal ticket per day per team member. Please email inquiries  with all of the above information and include your name, phone #, email, and tell us why you want to set up your art installation at Nights of Fire.

-Thank you-