Thank you for your interest in Nights of Fire, this year we will need a handful of volunteers to help out with such things like parking, changing garbage, and taking care of the bathhouses. We prefer volunteers who can stay from Thursday August 18th at 2pm until Monday August 22nd at 6pm. All volunteers must purchase a 3 day weekend pass. After completing your last shift you will be reimbursed in full. Volunteers must work at least 1 shift per day at whatever time they are scheduled. Failure to show up for a shift without rescheduling it will result in less of a reimbursement . Each volunteer will be asked to complete 15-20 hours depending on which days they can attend.  Shifts on Thursday and Monday will be longer however in that case your shifts during the event would in turn then be shorter.  If you can only volunteer Fri,Sat, n Sun then you will have longer shifts during the event. Volunteers will receive 1 meal ticket after completing each shift. After you purchase your 3 day weekend pass please send us an email to ( ) including the following information.

Send us your name.

Ticket confirmation #

Phone number.

Date of birth.

The days and times you plan on arriving and staying at Nights of Fire.

Emergency contact number & relationship. 

-Thank you-