Sacred Healing Center


Workshops included:

Sacred Dance

Guided Meditation

Dream Journeying

Guided Relaxation

Intuitive Body Movement

Chakra Balancing

Mindfulness Meditation

Intro to Energy Healing

Reiki 101

Movement Meditation

Crystal Healing 101

And more to come.........


These classes will be taught by the following instructors

Ashley Strazzella

I discovered Yoga during my years in University. As a stressed-out, over-worked student, I began yoga as a form of exercise. As I continued my practices I reali...zed what I had discovered was far more than just exercise. I began to notice myself handling the pressures of university better. My attitude improved, my stress-levels decreased, my outlook became more positive, I slept better, and my grades even improved. As an analytically minded Biophysics student, I began to look more closely at this practice and I found that my background in Biology and Physics lead me to a deep understanding of the biological and energetic processes of Yoga. After Graduations with a B.S. in Pre-medical Biology & Physics, I devoted myself to my studies the arts of Yoga and Natural Energy healing. In 2014 I left for India, the birth-country of yoga, to continue learning with traditional Yogis & Healers. I now travel and teach internationally in India, Asia and USA. Thanks to the grace of my teachers I am practicing as a Certified Reiki Master Healer under the Traditional Usui System of Natural Healing and the Karuna Reiki tradition (Reiki of compassion). I am a Hatha Yoga and Meditation teacher trained primarily under the Bihar School of Yoga Tradition. My specialty is teaching Yoga Nidra, “Yogic Sleep” or “Dream Yoga”, a practice of deep relaxation, healing, and psychic exploration. I also teach yogic cleansing practices and advanced meditation techniques on request. I’ve found Reiki Healing to be a beautiful compliment to the practices of Yoga & Meditation. I offer Reiki Healing Sessions and Coureses by Appointment.



Eliza Snyder

Eliza Schneider is the creator of "Resolve to Evolve" a healing brand focused on empowering individuals and releasing blocks re-connecting them to their bodies and spirits. She holds healing retreats near Buffalo NY, facilitates individual and group healing sessions, and hosts "Voyager Sessions: monthly ecstatic dance journeys". Eliza is also the co-owner of "merge" and grows organic produce for the farm to table restaurant founded in 2009.





I am Rev. Shiv Kanwal, a spiritual teacher Ordained in the Priesthood according to the Order of Melchizedek. Continuing my journey I am very fortunate to learn spiritual knowledge from ancestors passed and teachers from around the world. My mornings are spent at day cares teaching young ones Active Meditation. A fun interactive class with singing dancing and exploring the natural state of ourselves. In the evenings I teach a unique class for adults that encompasses Tibetan Five Rites Yoga, Breath of Fire breathing, and Immortality Mantras. I have held classes in Kundalini yoga, Vinpasna, Pranayama breathing. Life has given me great opportunities to learn, work and be with amazing people. I continue and live each day as a blessing to walk on path to realizing that: We are spiritual beings on a human journey.




brought to you by PSWNY

The Sanctuary is a space of specialized care for those undergoing a psychedelic experience. Taking psychedelics may produce overwhelming feelings made worse without the proper seeing. Alternately, these experiences can help users !nd new levels of growth and self-discovery. Through a harm Ignore, the Sanctuary provides a safe and calming environment that can help someone undergoing a difficult psychedelic journey to passively integrate their experience. Sanctuary volunteers have been trained in providing psychedelic support. The training is guided by four principles outlined by the for Psychedelic Studies and their project that inspired Sanctuary, Zendo. These principles are safe space, talking through and not down, sing and not guiding, and difficult is not bad. Through this model, Sanctuary aims to prevent unnecessary hospitalizes and security intervenes, while fostering compassion.


Ancient Alloys

Liz Holland M.M., practitioner of Ancient Alloys, has been a percussionist for her entire life. She has performed in many capacities from classical to ethnic to rock and jazz, but has recently shifted her focus to the art of sound healing. Having studied the minimalist works of composers such as John Cage, she earned a Masters of Music in Percussion Performance from the University at Buffalo. She uses this training to compose improvised sonic atmospheres in the healing sessions, utilizing many classical and modern techniques of performing on gongs and other various metallic instruments.